Key Features of this Program

Hands-On Project Work

Fellows will engage in hands-on projects, including EHR system development and AI-based product creation. These projects require a self-starter attitude and a willingness to delve into uncharted territories.

Entrepreneurial Focus

The program includes a unique entrepreneurial component where fellows are encouraged to conceptualize and develop their own healthcare-related business ventures, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset.

Self-Directed Learning

The core of this program is built around the concept of self-initiated learning. Fellows are encouraged to independently explore and deepen their knowledge in areas such as computer science, artificial intelligence, health informatics, and healthcare business.

Proactive Skill Development

Emphasis is placed on the proactive pursuit of educational and practical experiences. Fellows are expected to identify and engage with resources, courses, and projects that align with their personal and professional growth objectives.

Guided Mentorship

While the program champions self-guidance, it also provides mentorship and support. This dual approach ensures that while fellows navigate their learning paths, they have access to expert advice and guidance.

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This program is best suited for those who are self-motivated, independent, and ready to take charge of their learning. Ideal candidates are those who are not only passionate about internal medicine but also eager to explore and integrate new technologies and business strategies into their practice.

Application Process

  • Submission of CV
  • Interview with the Program Director
  • Credentialing Process